We care for our clients and wish to keep them happy and satisfy their sometimes-hidden desires and requirements.

We need to be flexible to best address their needs and unload them from all unnecessary tasks for which we have been accumulating all necessary experience to complete them with care and reactivity.

We need to be innovative, to have well trained ‘family members’, happy and proud to work for the company.

We need polyvalence and state of the art IT systems to offer efficient services without interruption.

And we have no doubt that a good communication between us will generate new needs and ideas.


At the same time clients need to have access to all necessary information to organize their supply chain and provide information to their own staff, clients and suppliers.


We are generalists handling most types of commodities with most types of transportation means but we have been creating and developing structured business units within PILLET SAS and within the BALGUERIE GROUP to take full advantage of our experience, bring it to clients and continuously improve our capabilities.

Notre mission